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Should I hire an attorney for my family law case?

YES. It is highly recommended that you hire an attorney for all aspects of your family law case. An attorney is your advocate in your case and will advise you of the NC laws that apply to the issues in your case, but will also advocate on your behalf to help you reach your goals.

How do I hire an attorney?

The procedure at Cordes Law is to call the firm (704-332-3565) to schedule an initial consultation with one of our family law attorneys. Specifically, you will ask to speak with, Rebecca Luke, the family law paralegal who will get your general information and schedule a consultation

How do I prepare for an initial consultation?

Family law paralegal, Rebecca Luke, will assist you in locating the online initial domestic consultation package to submit prior to your initial domestic consultation. If you have any documentation that has been filed with the court or served on you by the other party to provide that documentation prior to your consultation. We will also ask that you note any upcoming court dates as those are time-sensitive. Rebecca Luke will also discuss attorney and initial domestic consultation fees with you.

Can someone else attend my consultation with you?

Of course. If you are interested in having someone else attend your initial domestic consultation with you, please complete this form.

How do the family law attorneys at Cordes Law work?
  • The attorney you hire at Cordes Law will advocate on your behalf with the opposing party, opposing counsel. Our goal at Cordes Law is to advise you of the law surrounding your particular issues, advise you of your options, and work hard to achieve your specific goals.
  • Not only will your family law communicate on your behalf to the opposing party, opposing counsel, and court, your attorney is also available to communicate with you. At Cordes Law, your family law attorney knows how important it is to keep lines of communication open via e-mail, telephone, or in-person meeting because family law issues are often time-sensitive, concern children, and financial decisions.
  • At Cordes Law, you will get the benefit of collaboration between family law attorneys. At times, your attorney will strategize with other attorneys at Cordes Law to share knowledge and plan the next steps in your case.
What sets the attorneys at Cordes Law apart from other firms?

We are an all-female law firm who are all from the greater Charlotte area who feel passionate about personal relationships with our clients and working to achieve their goals.

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