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ABOUT CORDES DEBTOR-CREDITOR LAWAdvice on a full range of Debtor-Creditor law

Civil Litigation

While we attempt to negotiate most disputes outside of the courtroom, we understand that litigation is necessary in certain situations. We can assist clients in a variety of civil litigation matters in both state and federal courts.

Corporate Dissolutions

Businesses may close for a variety of reasons, from business failure, death of an owner or partner or general disputes among partners or shareholders. In many cases, the decision to dissolve a business entity is entirely voluntary and mutual.

Creditor Representation & Creditor Rights

We provides comprehensive creditor representation and collections services to its clients both in and out of court proceedings. Our practice includes the representation of corporate and individual clients in federal district courts, bankruptcy courts, and NC state courts.

Credit Repair & Reporting

Devise a plan to repair your credit report after experiencing financial difficulties. We'll discuss options to help resolve valid creditor claims for the least amount of money possible and attempt to negotiate settlements on your behalf when possible.

Debt Settlement & Negotiation

We strongly advocate debt negotiation as an alternative to bankruptcy when possible and work with creditors to set up payment plans or lump sum settlement.

Foreclosure & Evictions

The process through the court system of recovering the assets a lender has a security for money loaned and is accomplished through sale of the property. However, there may be other solutions and options available.

Loan Modifications

We work with lenders, servicers and investors on a full range of legal issues and are focused on quickly resolving complicated mortgage matters. We focus primarily on loss mitigation options such as forbearance agreements, deeds in lieu and loan modifications.

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