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Corporate Dissolutions

Businesses may close for a variety of reasons, from business failure, the death of an owner or partner, or general disputes among partners or shareholders. In many cases, the decision to dissolve a business entity is entirely voluntary and mutual. Other times, businesses may be forced into dissolution because of circumstances and factors outside of their control.

Dissolving a business is a legal process that involves a number of steps and it is important to ensure that all of the legal obligations and issues of the business are resolved. Our attorneys can assist with the dissolutions of family-owned businesses, companies, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other commercial entities. It is crucial to devise a plan that shields you from continuing liability and allows you to resolve ongoing business issues.

At Cordes Law, PLLC, we can assist you in determining the proper valuation, accounting, allocation, and distribution of business assets and help you to inventory all potential liabilities and ensure those risks are properly accounted for in legal documentation. Our attorneys will review and negotiate contracts, property leases, equipment leases, employment and service agreements so that you can protect your contractual rights and meet all contractual obligations.  Our attorneys have extension experience in business litigation should a dispute arise.